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holidays beside the emerald river

Soča river, sporting activities in Bovec, Slovenia

reka Soča Bovec When it comes to offering diverse options for sporting activities on Soča river in the summer, there aren't many places like the Bovec region. Tourists can have fun during their stay just about anywhere: in the Soča river, on the land and in the air. Every day is a new adventure, new opportunities to spend time with friendly guides, making sure your active vacations are never boring. You will be left with unforgettable memories of one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys - the Bovec valley.

The world-famous emerald river Soca in adventure mode!


From April to October, organized a surprise!

You can try at:

Raftingu on Soča river

If you want to take in the beauty of the emerald river in the company of friends or a seasoned guide then rafting - a trip with a large dinghy - is the best possible way to actively experience the tour and to connect with natural environment of the river.

Canyoning on Soča river

Take up the challenge of CANYONING, an adrenaline-filled trip through a ravine, carved by the forces of Nature throughout the course of millennia. In the company of a guide you will swim in the pools of crystal-clear water, negotiate waterfalls big and small, slide down natural chutes and make your way into the depths of the ravine.

Kayak on Soča river

River Soča is famous for being one of the most beautiful European rivers for paddling. This is precisely why the river is visited every year by thousands of kayakers from all over the world. Its sections of various difficulty levels make it suitable for beginners as well as experienced kayakers.

Hydrospeed on Soča river

If you have already tried RAFTING and would now like to experience new adventures on the river SOČA then Hydrospeed is perfect for you. It is a descent in a floating plastic bobsled you can easily guide and direct using fins on your feet.


  • discounts with a number of sports providers –ranging from water adventures to tandem paragliding;
  • seize the benefits of package deals!! If you stay with us for several days you will be able to choose sporting programmes at even better prices.
  • price list of sport activities and programmes (.pdf, vel. 307 KB).
Please use the web questionnaire to provide us with as much information as possible about your preferred activities. Upon your arrival we will arrange the details of your chosen activities and programmes. Thank you.
Jan 8, 2016


A dream house of perfect vacation.
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